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Halo 3 game features a great offensive weapon called the "Defoliant Projector". The weapon allowed the user to shoot fire to quickly destroy objects and kill surrounding enemies. Building most of the characters in the game is not all that easy but building the "Defoliant Projector" with a lego is sure an amazing task. But with the right knowledge and planning, it can be made. Building the "Defoliant Projector" with lego involves two parts. You have to first build the weapon's handle then the center of the weapon.

To build the handle of the "Defoliate Projector", attach the 1X2W Plate to one 2X4 Flat. Knob the piece together by aligning the 2-end of the Plate with that of the Flat. This task can be done on both ends and it will work.  You then have to connect the Plate 1X1W Upright Holder to the knob of the 1X2W Plate. Knob and make sure the holder part is extending from the 2X4 Flat and not inside. Fix the stem of the T-Piece to the 1X1W Plate Upright Holder and you will have the handle of your weapon.

Next, attach the 2X1 Brick to the handle you just designed. Fix a Flat 2X1 piece directly on to of the 2X1 Brick you attached, lengthwise. Insert 1X1 Round Plate to the middle of the remaining connections on the handle's Flat 2X4. Doing so will complete the task of fixing the center of the weapon to the handle.

As you can see, working with the Halo legos can be very challenging so challenge yourself with one today. You can get some of the legos at this site and also at your favorite lego stores including those online.

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This article was published on 2010/10/18